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Learn Spanish the easy way.

Why would you want to learn the Spanish language?

There are many reasons why you should learn the Spanish language. Here are some.

It is the second most spoken language.

It is the world's second most spoken language after Mandarin Chinese. It is spoken in some parts of Hispanic America, Europe and Equitorial Guinea. It has around 580 million native speakers and 90 million took it as second language.

It is easy to learn

Spanish is spelled phonetically and many of the words are similar to English. And because so many people speak the Spanish fluently, you don’t have to go very far to find someone with whom you can practice or some place where you can fully immerse yourself in the language. 

Vocaboo Features

Here are some features of Vocaboo that will make you learn Spanish as much as you want, as fast as possible.

Daily Dose of Words

Come back everyday so that you could learn some new words and expand your Spanish vocabulary and be a fluent speaker in no time.

Guided Language Learning

Forget about browsing the net for several tutorials on how to speak the language fluently. Just follow along our guided lectures. Learn about the paradigms of spanish words and how to use them properly. With these, you can be a fluent speaker in no time.

Vocabulary Builder

Browse through Spanish words with english translations. You can easily find the word that you want and properly use it. Along with our video guides, this will give you an immersive learning experience and you can be a fluent speaker in no time.